Pay Per Head

What is a Pay Per Head Service?

Pay Per Head

In its simplest form, a Pay Per Head Service provides local and international bookies with a convenient, cost-effective way to offer 24/7 betting lines to their players. By utilizing a PPH service, bookies can easily manage their players’ accounts in real time without paying expensive overhead costs and salaries. In fact, using a price per head, bookmakers can focus more on paying and collecting while growing their bookie business.

How Does a Pay Per Head Service Work?

The service provider charges a price per player per week in exchange for access to a real-time reporting and online sportsbook betting platform. Agents are only charged for active players. The PPH platform typically costs millions in infrastructural expenses, making this service a serious value to the bookie.

Are There Additional Charges?

There could depending on the needs of the bookie and his or her players. Today, players are much more demanding and want more from their bookies. From live betting to live dealer casinos, gaming software upgrades usually incur an extra charge. Still, they are essential to help keep pace with onshore casino operators in the bookie’s backyard. Other addon offerings might include the popular props builder software, esports, poker, virtual games, revenue-based casino, lottery, and even cockfighting.

Are all Pay Per Head services the Same?

The million-dollar question is, are all Pay Per Head Services the same? The answer is a resounding no! Many PPH outfits offer poor line management which costs bookies millions each year in profits. Plus, over half provide inadequate support, including technical help, and lack industry proficiencies like understanding the basics of limits, sharp action, bot detection, and setup. Even more, many offer outdated software, limit the number of subs and use emails instead of secure user names, leading to player and agent theft.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line, make sure perspective PPH agents request a player and agent demo before joining a Pay Per Head service and ensure the service is both responsive and helpful. If the Pay Per Head provider offers a VIP 1-on-1 manager, it’s a good sign they care about their customer relationship. Lastly, don’t settle for the cheapest provider. It reflects poorly on your bookie business, and your players will eventually look elsewhere to gamble.

Pay Per Head